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Event Busterz – The Home of Quality Photography at Kuwait

Event Busters is a full-service location and studio photography company specializing in people and event photography. Our mission is to combine technical proficiency with aesthetic intuition to produce rich, beautiful and effective p
hotographs. We are less of an organization and more of a family who share the same passion for photography. Beauty can be seen in all things, but seeing and composing the beauty is what separates a snapshot from a photograph.  IF you could compare photography and life . then we find that they more or less teach the same thing. Focus on what’s important  and capture it perfectly.EB

EVENT BUSTERS as an organization views each assignment as an opportunity to create something new and gorgeous, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clientele to define and achieve the desired look and feeling for the photographs. Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
Although our specialty is people and event photography, we pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility.


We deal with various forms of photography ranging from environmental portraiture, fashion, fine art and glamour to illustration, journalism, lifestyle, science fiction and traditional portraiture .We specialize in ,actor/model portfolios, corporate annuals, editorials, family portraits, wedding celebrations, product shoots + food, landscapes/ portfolios / sports shoot / 3D editing / Creative Photography etc.


Photography is not about the cameras, gadgets and equipment’s, the art lies in the one behind the lens. A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the hear t and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it, and that is what we are all about at event busters. we capture the moments of today that will wow your hearts tomorrow.


Our style is diverse and that allows us to provide for a wide array of clients, ranging from private individuals to public corporations. Photographic genres range from environmental portraiture, fashion, fine art and glamour to illustration, journalism, lifestyle, science fiction and traditional portraiture. Life is art, we are here as witnesses to it’s beauty



Some Clicks from the wedding hall :)

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Although our specialty is people and event photography, we pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility.



Event Busterz Team:

Nasreen Jaffery

Mohammed Ameer Jaffery

Hiba Khan

Fahad Jamshed

Imran Khan (Me)

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Eid Mubarak



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Free Medical Camp by Pakistani Community at Kuwait.



On 19th October 2012, a free Medical camp was organized by the Friend Welfare Trust in collaboration with Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait (SPDK) & Al Rahma, which took place at Pakistan National English School, Hawally – Kuwait for the welfare of Pakistani community.

Operational formalities at the camp were started exactly after the Jummah prayer and the event was very well planned and executed by the team of professionals which made it really a success story.

The finest team of Pakistani Doctors from different specialties like Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Gynecologist, Pulmonologist, Dermatologist and Dentist offered their services for free at the camp and they remained busy while serving the community till the late evening.

Well trained staff at the reception, registration counters, check up corners and at the medicine section were treating the attendees very well and performed their duties in very professional way.

According FWT sources over 670 people from the Pakistani community as well as the other nationals from Bangladeshi and Indian community registered there who not only were examined by the Specialist Doctors but also they were facilitated by the free check up like Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, CBC, ECG and not to forget medicine was provided totally free of charge as per the Doctor’s prescription. There were 478 Male & 192 Female patients in which 39 were newly diagnosed as Hypertensive & 53 Sugar.

Apart from offering their service at the medical camp, Hala Pakistan team was also busy in distributing the leaflets about the 2nd blood donating event which will take place in Kuwait Central Blood Bank, Jabriya – Kuwait on 09th November 2012 from 01:00 PM till 4:00 PM.

His Excellency Iftikhar Aziz, ambassador of Pakistan attended the Free Medical Camp and he appreciated the services provided at the camp and admired the arrangements. A huge number of dignities were also attending the Medical Camp.
The Event proved to be very beneficial for hundreds of the people from various nationalities and all the Doctors, Organizers, Volunteers and each person who contributed at the Free Medical camp really deserve to be applauded for their cause & efforts.

HalaPakistan believes that such events should keep taking place which will sure present a positive picture of Pakistan & Pakistani community to rest of the nations.

Reporting by: Imran Khan (me)

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Thank You Team Hala Pakistan

Thank You Team Hala Pakistan.

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The girl in the red dress

the girl in the red dress, originally uploaded by mrehan.

Masha Allah

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Salima Hashmi, artist and activist

Salima Hashmi is a Pakistani painter, artist, writer, anti-nuclear weapon activist and a professor who served for four years as the head of the National College of Arts. She is the daughter of one of Pakistan’s most renowned poets, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and the British-born Alys Faiz.
She represents the first generation of modern artists in Pakistan, who carry an artistic identity different from indigenous artists. Known for her condemning the Indian and Pakistani nuclear programs, she is among one of the few Pakistani intellectuals who condemned the nuclear tests by India and Pakistan in 1998.

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