PIA’s Crash in Multan

         Pakistan International Airline Jet

 Pakistan International Airlines’s fokker crashed in Multan.

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15 Responses to PIA’s Crash in Multan

  1. M Akbar says:

    why plane crash in multan, reason

  2. hi
    i am 19 yrs old from islamabad.PIA is our international ALformes in 1955.Pakistan have mostly old aircrafts and their ages are complete y PIAs play with people life .PIAs should ground all those AC which are expired otherwise they use for cargo send me comments on +923459715661 or shehry_malik@yahoo.com

  3. July 6th, 2006 AC CRASH

  4. mateen says:

    hi yer u sed like all da old 1s should be like grounded but wot bout da people who can only afford 2 go to pakistan by dem planes init

  5. iqtidar naqvi says:

    PIA should use all old planes. it will help to control increasing population and do balance. let her go for noble cause. CRASH TO TRASH !!

  6. G N BHATTI says:

    Do know you when F-27 were replaced with ATR

  7. omer says:

    Hi! has anyone heard about multan-Islamabad evening flight near crash miss on Tuesday April 29 2008. I will confirm the flight number and the witnesses who actually travelled on the plane. One of them was my brother. reply at omerfraz@hotmail.com

  8. mala says:

    I was the one who picked up the call of neurosurgon travelling on PIA.I gave him the seat as there was no seat avlbl on the paln…PIA contact centr…
    I sent him to death ….
    May Allah forgive me ..

  9. jalaisha says:

    why do u play with peoples’ lives ?!?!
    i lost my beloved aunt cuz of PIA and i completely blame the administration for this ..
    after many lives are lost the goveronment pretends that they r doing something good and they r correcting their mistake , whereas they r not .. a foker air crash took place in 2003 and now again another took place .. why nobody’s taking action ?!?! cuz nobody tends to do anything !

  10. Pakistani government officialz are only concrnced abt thr own personal affairz…rather thn improving the state of our nation…….I blame the autherities present at tht tym for this sad accident……..just think tht the passengerz of flight 688 were children,father,mother etc of people living now….the responsible authorties should think about the people who were completely dependent on those who r not in this world now…My father is the friend of a man who is the father of the pilot of flight 688…..that man waz such jolly person but now even after three yearz,that man is still in shock that wot jst happend to his son…..still he use to dial the same cell fone number whch that guy waz using and he stil thnkz that his son will pick up the fone…..
    please try to understand….and don’t play wid the lives of innocent people…..on last the last Day,the responsible authorities wud have stand before the Almighty Allah and answer for their deedz…..!

  11. Muhammad Shafqat Janjua says:

    PIA must change new air craft with new planes.

  12. mehboob saleem says:

    peon se le kar presedent tak sab k sab haram khaty hain kasy hum loog theek ho sakty hain

  13. mehboob saleem says:

    sab k sab chor hain salay

  14. ahmed imad khan says:

    iam ahmed imad khan pia should use always new planes because old planes always have problems

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