State bank of Pakistan


I dont think that it is better to introduce a currency note worth 5000 Rupee. What do you say?

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20 Responses to State bank of Pakistan

  1. Ali says:

    Its a good act to control inflation also since govt cant increase value for money since now we are exporting sooooooo much

  2. Amin Lalani says:

    By introducing 5000 rupee currency note, it will further boom inflation in the country. Once you start spending from it, you will keep continue to spend till it exhaust completely !!

  3. SalmanSaeed says:

    There is no purpose of new Rs.5000 note because in Pakistan Rs.1000 change is not available easily.secondly It is very resembled to Rs 20 and 100 note.It is a big problem for old age people.It is easly lost or many counterfeited notes has spread in the mkt.
    It is the sign that govt has failed to control the inflation.

  4. Angel Boy says:

    Ye 5000 hazar ka Not tu Chali hai Real wala tu mare pass hai…
    so is par Comment dana tu fazul hai…
    any send me telenor Card only 1000 rupee wala ;-]
    0345 4056831

  5. KYU G

  6. Irfan Ahmed says:

    salam I hope u all r f9 I would like to request to u plz send a picture of pak rupees Notes but new one

  7. kazy says:

    G haan
    app nay yeh acha kya jo Onethousand wala note nikla hai aur finethousand wala note nikla hai
    i dont write eng i like urdu thnks

  8. ADnan...Khan:D says:

    Yeah tu acha kiya ….bundel ko jaib may rakhna..bohot mushkil jo tha…aur han..chori hona ka ka bi..mushkil sa hota hay…thanks

  9. muhamamd` says:

    its wrong to introduce new 5000 rs note cause any old man can give that note if some ask him/her to give 20 or 100 rs note

  10. AMIRKHAN says:

    i want bank job i speak in desalwatown

  11. malik irfan says:

    it is wrong because its sheap is 20 rup it is not better i think it is not good dission. chawal mari hai.

  12. ali says:

    bari vadiiiiiiiiii chawal mari ay. bara kaam kita .

  13. TOTA says:

    thats totally dumb to issue a note of 5000.that means tha tur currency is getting cheper now that u need 5000 at one time.

  14. zain says:

    aey ki chawal mari a

  15. mahro says:

    its good for controlling inflation but its not looks like a real currency but overall good idea …

  16. Asim hashmi says:

    Ye tu bohat acha Ky note nikla

  17. faqeeha tahir says:

    bohat bari chawal mari h.Infletion ko to control kr le ga lakin baqi problems to wahin still hn.It,s a bad idea of someone.

  18. bohat bari chawal mari h jisne b mari h. Waqti tor pe to ye tariqa better h pr baadk liey utna e nuqsan h iska.

  19. Khawaja says:

    ye log hain jo pakistan ki economy kia ma ki asi tasi karna chahty hain jabb k governor stste bank b kisi ki ma ha :p

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