Bridal Competition


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I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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151 Responses to Bridal Competition

  1. sabah says:

    there all ugly

  2. jugnoo says:

    hehehe. app keh sakti hain bcoz they are not my realtives. It you right to comment even you like it or not. Keep coming 😀

  3. SAbby says:

    hiiii ongggg the rest off dulahnn are uglies i like only onee dullan the one in blue shez lookin dammn guddd thats sit

  4. shaila says:

    as a girl, i no most of da gals dont really luk @ a gal and say she luks pretty; but i do hav 2 say these girls luk nice, masha Allah!….
    bless them all.

  5. jugnoo says:

    Jee main ne note kia hai k app buhat bara dil rakhti hain k app ne sab ko acha kaha hai warna ek larki doosri larki ke tareef kare…………;)

  6. MaHi says:

    I like the Bride in the Bluel, she’s pretty. Shaila you’re wrong for saying that. Shaila I don’t know who you hang around with, but I don’t see a reason for you to make a big deal if a girl complimented another girl. Get over it ;-D

  7. Amy says:

    hi Jugnoo I’M from Australia .my name is Amy.I was just visting paki bridel images.they all look really pritty.but the thing is dat they should have done a bit light make up.but anyways all are beautyfull.God bless them all .take care bye

  8. fird says:

    they all lokk nice except for the one who is fat go lose some weight you fat cow

  9. jugnoo says:

    Thanks guys for ur lovely comments

  10. adeeba says:


  11. sarah says:

    they all luk beautifull but da one that looks the best is the women in blue she has a nice looking face….shut up u the rest…

  12. uzma says:

    hmmm……….for people in a “bridal ” competition, they havent made much of an effort!!! too much make-up!! looks like the clowns are in town!!!

    🙂 greetings from sunny scotland!!

  13. Madiha says:

    I think they all look beautifull they all have nice smile. mashallah

  14. TABBY says:


  15. asiya says:

    i think all thse brides have put an effort, i think they luk lovely

    and shut up you all for making nasty comments

  16. Madiha says:

    Sab boht achi hain Lakin Blue dress looking very beautiful

  17. diya says:

    model in blue dress is looking horrible

  18. diya says:

    anyways all are pretty

  19. diya says:

    what means moderation

  20. diya says:

    no style,no glamour,no beauty,all is bore

  21. diya says:

    plz go to eye specialist,who liked these

  22. diya says:

    i think who praised them ,all are relatives of them

  23. Awan says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…sab bahut achhi hain…all r looking very pretty…it,s too difficult to select one…may ihave more than one

  24. Angel Boy says:

    ya kambakat meekap chorail ko be parii bana data hai……
    any 1 send me 0345 4056831… this Show Number….

  25. sayed noor says:

    hum apna haal kiya batayen es duniya main aur jene ku dil chahata nahin

  26. jhoney says:

    stup critisizing them as if u all r good looking.

  27. maha says:

    the ones at the end r sleepin but the resting r jus too over down wiv make-up ppl u dat ugly!!!!! its like they used paint prush to do thier make-up!!!lolz..n wers our traditional colours gone!!!!! show some respect ppl.. i did make-up 4 a bride but not like at all,, simpliest is stilll d best thing guys!! w/salam

  28. jia says:

    all of them are most dumnnnn ladies in the worlddd and make over made them alll worssttttttt uuunnnhhhhhhh,,,,,,,

  29. ayesha*..**..* says:

    he he lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. irfan says:

    hi ayesha msg me on my mobile no 03463295608

  31. ayesha*..**..* says:

    u crazee ……….!!!!

  32. anja says:

    pity how some people talk about these women. they all are looking great.
    people from europe like these kind of brides. really pretty….


  33. ayesha*..**..* says:

    Em Nt SuReE bT tAt …PeOple In EuoPe HvE nO iNtReSt ….Lol….

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  35. jugnoo says:

    Plus Size Bridal Gowns………..

    Thank you so very much for coming by and for your lovely words……i am happy to see ya……

  36. khushi says:

    sareeeeeeeeee brides boooooooooooooooohat swet hain jee

  37. trueman says:

    all brides are very nice,their dressess,bangeles,makeup and easteren style,very beautiful brides,its a tradition of pakistan.and we proud of it.keep it are doing well

  38. zara says:

    thiZ all bridal just looking sweet like a real bridal


    where are the bride ????//////

    see more bridal pictures on my blog visit please

  40. sarah says:

    these brits luks gud but im rely unable to undrstnd 1 thng dat y paki bututnz lyk 2 rune gulz bigday by making them pastres.cant we go ahead with simple n elgnt makeup.

  41. Missy says:

    nice dresses but make-up is over the top….theyre all those who talk about terrorism here better shut up the topic is all about bridal fashion

  42. Marina says:

    All look good nad special thats the main speciality of our apkistani culture.A PAKISTANI bride at her wedding always looks special just like a princess.but i must complement the bride in blue.

  43. Marina says:

    oh so sory for smith.u say we muslims to be terrorist u are biggest terrorist at this palnet.u think its just u who are human.oh really u think apkisatn uses force then what is happening at kashmir siunce last 50 yrs wat was bosnia nad so much in just india there are 67 freedom fighting movements and all that bomaby blast is a consequence of indian govts aggression on those movments.listen u think its just u whos human then let me tell u dont desrve to be called as human.u are a
    biggest terrorist.

  44. neeta says:


  45. suhanisoha says:

    well smith. what ever u say iz just ur insecurity coming out. u r just a person who cant do any thing practicaly but just talks like a fool.

  46. suhanisoha says:

    and mossad 4 u i can say k jo aap bol rahy ho k pakistani united states ka fund pa zinda hain to aap ko batana pasand farmaon gi k pakistan ki 40% abadi ghareeb ha jub k india ki 70%abadi asi ha jo ghareeb ha. ya indians hain jo aik dosray ma faraq karty hain zaat paat pa belive krty hain jub k pakistan ma muslims,hindu,and otherppl ko equaly tret kia jata ha. and this is our nation which tech us to tret every person as a human

  47. diya noor says:


  48. diya noor says:


  49. diya noor says:


  50. diya noor says:


  51. ghazal says:

    they alll r to much ufffffffff ugly or just makeup

  52. bus sahe hy jugnoo magar plz tora sa nazuk paan daloo bride me plz plz plz

  53. or yeh naak ki balyaan wagaira saree hatao thora bride ko natural look do thora attracktive banaao to acha lagega acha se hair style or thore front se cutting karoo brides ki jin ka face bara hy plz plz plz ! and thora bride ko madren zamane k hisaab se achasa look dedo

  54. and mister mossad mind y r language blooody fool tameez seekhlo tum ab agar aisa koi msg chora to acha nahe hoga samjhy tum bloody fool ediot shameless huh!

  55. aaa says:

    all brides are simply ok bt i wana say dat bloody indianz kindly phly tm apny app ko dykho u hell girl/guy u ur goverment n u all are blooy.understand

  56. beenish says:

    1st one in blue dress looking nice

  57. bloody charles kon ho tum ediot kia matlab hy tumhara yeh kehne ka ypu fool zada smart bane ki koshish mat kia karoo fol ediot agar ab kuch b kaha na pakistan k bare me toh gala daba doonge tumhara foool

  58. kamine kutty to mar tera sathya nash ho to to barbad ho tujhe kutty ki maut mily to tarrap tarrap kar mar kamine to kaise bol sakta hy mere khuda k bare me or mere rasool k bare me aisa halkat

  59. ANN says:

    Not Bad>>>>>>>>>>

  60. Komal says:

    apni apni khubsurti hoti hei ,
    for me, first one (in blue) is better than odrz ……..;but i’ll not say dat she looks beautiful
    either gud looking girls/ bridals are missing in pakistan or beauty parlours have no idea of wht they r doing

  61. yes komal u r right tum ne bilkul sahe kaha i like very much u r comments komal u r the best

  62. sachin says:

    looking so good as god made for each other

  63. sara says:

    yar ye jugnoo kon hai?????????????????????

  64. sanu says:

    all girlz are fuzol

  65. sanu says:

    wasy is pic ko change kar do bhai

  66. naz says:

    all bridal are very lovely but blue bridal are very beautiful

  67. farah naz says:

    wese to sari bridal achi hain lakin top of the dress is blue

  68. killing eyes says:

    yar ab itni b hoor paryaan nae hai jitni tum log tareefain kar rahy ho.ha ha ha

  69. naz says:

    hoor nahi lakin jin logo ne mehnat ki hai un ki hossla afzai karne mein hamare passy to kharch nahi ho rahe ok

  70. farah naz says:

    hoor nahi lakin jin ki mehnat hai un ki hossla afzai karne mein kia hamare pessy kharch ho rahe hai is lia jo acha hai use bura nahi kehna cahee ok

  71. uyes itne b koi mehnat nahe ki hy farahnaz killing sahe keh rahy hy waise farah naz tum to amaoon jaise batain karty hoo farah naz amma

  72. farah naz says:

    ap k kia cousin lagte pretty jo ap ko itna bura lag raha hai

  73. killing eyes says:

    woow pretty love u fa ur coments hun,itny dumb hain yeh log larkiyoon ko pastres bna k rakh dety hain no fashn sence

  74. naz says:

    killing mein ne sirf tareef ki thi wese sub ki apni apni passand hoti hai

  75. Ashfaq says:

    hi all of you aslam o alikum mujhay aap sub ki pics bohat achi lagi

  76. humera says:

    all bridal are very sweet

  77. killing eyes says:

    well guys i honestly tel ya if any gul out of u wana luk gud on her big day just do 1 thing dont go fa saloonz n butnz jus do ur own make up simple n me man m married n i did mine makeup on ma bigday day by ma own n kasam say its to gud no one can say that its nt by professional makeup me try that.jus chill………………………….

  78. angel says:

    they all are nice………….

  79. angel says:

    but not out of this world.

  80. Sam says:

    Are pakistani girls good at bed? Wanted to know jus incase, a paki girl comes to our college… Pls let me know…

  81. sharp mind says:

    sam wot bout ur mum iz she gud in bed?????????????

  82. raza says:

    koi hai jo dost bhi ho or peyaar bhi ho

    cute ho thori or thori hot ho per dost zindagi ki ho jo yaqeen us ko muj per ho or muj ko us per ho
    or dosti hi mai aasa peyaar ho jo humari dosti ka yaqeen ho

    agar koi larki aasi ho too muj ko email karay i call you

    i am waiting

  83. naz says:

    raza sahab wese yahan dost nahi banay jate yaha apne coments diy jate hain ok

  84. yus says:

    not bad yar gud

  85. veeni says:

    they r really looking very nice

  86. Azam says:

    I like the blue dress bridal she is looking very beautiful. My wish that my bridal should like this.

  87. I Love my country because my country is the beast country to all countrys.My country is my paireant.

  88. eifa irfan says:

    i like blue bride

  89. SHAH says:


  90. SHAH says:

    Assalamualeikum every1 am Shah from Ireland n was in Pakistan in 2007 i like Pakistani girls so pls tx me on this num 0863489666 or email me on

  91. killing eyes says:

    hahahahaha sally tharki larkoo

  92. imran khan says:

    All Bridel is Good. But Blue one is Too Good…………………

  93. first one on blue ress is pretty yaar yahan sirf comment dety hain to log apne nazariye q pesh karna shuru hojaty hain or apne num q dete hain koi samjhai

  94. laiba says:

    i m a makeup artist. some brides looking tired. i think the bride in blue is better but her pic is not good.

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  96. yahan comment dete hain apne companiyoon ki advertisement nahe dete understand

  97. abeera says:

    sub farig hen

  98. Aabee says:

    To see the bridles i just imagen they all are looking ugly because the all bridals have so healty face

  99. muzaffar hussain says:

    yar koi muje inn ma se dey do , muje shaadi karne ka bohat shoq ha HAhahahah

  100. abeera says:

    mri pore body kannp re hai es ram bastard ke bkwas sun ker

  101. ali says:

    raaam kuty k bachy tu kisi gari k neechy ay or tujy mooot na ay kuty

  102. asma says:

    all r luking preety. best wishis 4 all

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  104. training says:

    Research all about training on this website

  105. Fiaz says:

    Hr Kadam Pe Chahton K Dariya Mila Nhi Karte
    Ek Shaks K Liye Sabhi Phool Khila Nhi Karte
    Hamari Tarha Apko Chahe Ga Kon
    Hr Kisi Ko Chahne Wale Mila Nhi Karte

  106. sara khan says:

    i think threr is no good bride who deserv prizz i am a beautition i and there is lot of mistakes

  107. saj says:

    i will prafer in blue lahanga but not able to get priz n other r vry bad i am talking about make up bridel were not perfectly made like see lips of in blue bad eyes in red ok if some one hv courage to make compitition with me so come on my number is 03064434722 ok i am very good make up artist and hairstylist i am waiting………………

  108. zafar says:

    i m looking good looking cute and bold girlfriend
    i am zafar , singal form karachi and need care, love and turst

    koi bhi ho age no matter because i fell friend marriend ho ya unmarried ager woh dost ki khshi chahti ho or us per yaqeen karti ho to i hope dosti mai koi age or koi limit nahi hoti
    but privacy and Sincerity is a matter and I assure you for the full privacy and Sincerity

    she can email or sms me any time

  109. EMAN says:

    All are looking great MASHAALLAH

  110. LAIBA says:

    thos is the fabulus dream of every girl & we are waiting of this day
    this day will remaining & beautiful day of my life

  111. CHANDNI says:

    this is the fabulus dream of every girl & we are waiting of this day
    this day will remaining & beautiful day of my life
    I am waiting of my comoanion who live in U.A.E

  112. Rehan shaikh says:

    a,salam sb dakhny wly ki nzr par hota h beauty and ugly
    take care

  113. Rehan Shaikh says:

    sahe ya galt hota ha na easa h or brother word zara dakh kr use kya
    kro aap ko donyaa parhti or dakhte he

  114. fizzo says:

    jugnoo you are v v v HAZIR JAWAB

  115. fizzo says:

    i am waiting 4 ur reply jugnooooooooooooooo

  116. preetam pal singh says:

    thik ne

  117. ayaan says:

    bht buri hau sub ki sub

  118. Sweet ayesha says:

    i like these bride design, i am also cute want to be same bridal girls.

  119. SWEET AYESHA says:

    plzzz any well settle boys contact with me?

  120. as a girl, i no most of da gals dont really luk @ a gal and say she luks pretty; but i do hav 2 say these girls luk nice, masha Allah!….
    bless them all.

  121. princess says:

    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt

  122. princess says:

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaooooooooooooooooooooo if u want’s frndship with me so my skype id iz nadiasoomro

  123. princess says:

    ha hhhhhhhhhhha ha ha ha

  124. javeria says:

    bakwas bridels hain sub ki sub

  125. javeria says:

    bakwas bridels hain sub kisi achy parlor se tyar hoti to shyad………….

  126. Malik Farooq says:

    Yar kon kahta hy k ye girl acchi ni lag rahiiiiii. all girlzzz are looking very beautiful God bless him.

  127. sam says:

    all is well

  128. hony says:

    blues girl are looks good.

  129. fazi says:

    sb buri hn

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  131. `*` I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :~,

  132. jiju mirza says:

    All these bridals looks pathetic…….terrible………….oufal…………… I hope u all agree with me…….????

  133. jijumirza says:

    aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll of them look like aunt they r not look like young bridals………………………………..

  134. alveera arham says:

    i damp like them sorry but frankly these r not 2 good 🙂

  135. janat says:

    alllll loook nice

  136. daniyal says:

    dulhan ban k har larki khubsurat lgti hai

  137. 03222060923 says:

    dulhan ban k to har larki khubsurat lagti he lekin jab makeup utarta he to bechara dulha dar jata he. hahahahahaha

  138. 03222060923 says:

    girls always look beautiful

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