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Bridge to Generation

Bridge to Generation, originally uploaded by maxloxton.

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End of a beautiful day

End of a beautiful day, originally uploaded by maxloxton.

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Butter FLy @ Fairy Meadows

Butter FLy @ Fairy Meadows, originally uploaded by Aawara.

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Baltoro & Siachen Glaciers.

Baltoro & Siachen Glaciers., originally uploaded by Heartkins.

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Aiy Shama teri Umr-e-Tabaee Hay aik raat – Huns kar Guzaar Ya isay rou kar guzaar day

I will tell you the meaning of the topic. Poet says to candle that your life is just only for one night & it depends on you. Either you spend it happily or while shedding tears. Aiy Shama teri Umr-e-Tabaee … Continue reading

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Lovely Clouds

Lovely Clouds, originally uploaded by ksbukhari.

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SunSet at Lahore Fort

SunSet at Lahore Fort, originally uploaded by designer931.

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