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I want to walk

I want to walk, originally uploaded by zeeimran420. My nephew Abdullah is 7months of age and he is wishing to walk so soon.

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At Marriage Party

Marriage Party, originally uploaded by zeeimran420. Aysha is enjoying marriage party of her loving Aunt.

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Love for younger brother

Love for younger brother, originally uploaded by zeeimran420. My niece Aysha kissing her newly born brother Abdullah. Picture taken by Nokia 6600

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Tujhey Athkelian Soojhi Hein……..

Tujhey Athkelian Soojhi Hein, Ham Baizaar Baithey Hein, originally uploaded by Ejaz.

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After rain…

After rain…, originally uploaded by MoinKhan.

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Discussing botany…

Discussing botany…, originally uploaded by zeeDOC.

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endless music.

endless music., originally uploaded by ali khurshid.

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Sun in my hand

Sun in my hand, originally uploaded by ksbukhari.

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Lahore International Airport

Lahore International Airport, originally uploaded by jzakariya.

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feed me more or i die

feed me more or i die, originally uploaded by Engineer J.

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