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My Love

My Love, originally uploaded by Andreas Fennhagen.

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Volcanic Clouds

Volcanic Clouds, originally uploaded by mbukhari_prm.

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Life less

, originally uploaded by ali khurshid.

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Half Lives

Half Lives, originally uploaded by Ejaz. With husband and half of family dead, some families are forced to live Half-Lives. Food or no food, their lives would always remind us of the meanings of Emptiness and Losses.

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Teary eyed – Alamgir

Teary eyed – Alamgir, originally uploaded by Fayyaz Ahmed.

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Yum Yum BBQ

Yum Yum BBQ, originally uploaded by MoinKhan.

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Lazy Hazy Lahore

Lazy Hazy Lahore, originally uploaded by jzakariya.

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Badshahi Masjid

Strip of The whole view. Minarets and Domes, Alamgiri Mosque, Near Lahore Fort, Pakistan, originally uploaded by Engineer J.  

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