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Leenah, originally uploaded by Usman Jamshed.

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Dry fruits

, originally uploaded by Dolls of the World.

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Miss 2006

, originally uploaded by Dody’s.

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Flying High, Really High

Flying High, Really High, originally uploaded by jzakariya.

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The Beautiful Peak in Pakistan

The Beautiful Peak in Pakistan, Credit Adnan Khan, originally uploaded by ksbukhari. The Beautiful Peak by the name of “Barak Zhan” in Raikot Glacier in Pakistan.The Lush Green meadows lying below the peak.This is the Last strong hold of western … Continue reading

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Badshahi Mosque 2-c

Badshahi Mosque 2-c, originally uploaded by Usman Shahid.

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Muzafarabad Mountains

Muzafarabad Mountains, originally uploaded by Asma ….

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The door to heavens

The door to heavens, originally uploaded by KamiSyed.

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Rama Valley

Rama Valley, originally uploaded by Aawara.

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داتا دربار

داتا دربار, originally uploaded by zeeimran420.

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