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Before Sunrise, originally uploaded by usamabhatti.

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Hope is Born

Hope is Born, originally uploaded by Ejaz.

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Let’s Play Together

pet, originally uploaded by H@T2S.

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Beauty at Pakistan

Beauty at Pakistan, Credit Adnan Khan, originally uploaded by ksbukhari. Valleys deforestation do not started here.Last remains of Himalayas pritine beauty can only be seen at kohistan The valley runswith Swat valley on west Kaghan and nelum valey in the … Continue reading

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Aftermath, originally uploaded by jzakariya.

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Kalashi kids

Kalashi kids, originally uploaded by KamiSyed.

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Aansu-lake, originally uploaded by Aawara.

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Rural sunset

Rural sunset, originally uploaded by Usman Shahid.

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Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort, originally uploaded by maxloxton.

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