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Peaking through

Peaking through, originally uploaded by usamabhatti.

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Causal, originally uploaded by usamabhatti.

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Antz, originally uploaded by manitoon.

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The Karakorams

The Karakorams, originally uploaded by jzakariya. Some of Nanga Parbat’s neighbouring mountains, not as high or as spectacular but impressive nonetheless. The Alps these ain’t and that’s for sure.

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divine light

divine light, originally uploaded by maxloxton. This special picture is snatched few days bank at eve from my house top, this is the sap of a mosque in front of my house. The sky was dramatic and I waited for … Continue reading

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Killer Mountain

Killer Mountain, originally uploaded by ksbukhari.

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Sun setting over river Kabul, Nowshera

Sun setting over river Kabul, Nowshera, originally uploaded by Usman Shahid.

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Lake Sari

Lake Sari, originally uploaded by Aawara.

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Mansehra Road

Mansehra Road, originally uploaded by Manzar Zamir.

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Musafir khana

Musafir khana, originally uploaded by KamiSyed. I think its an old Mughal age Sarai, near Jahangira on GT Road. The bulding is being used as a commerical center with even a cinema in it

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