Diwali in Pakistan

Deewali, originally uploaded by lucky_khan.

RAWALPINDI: Oct22 – Hindu girls perform religious rituals as they celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights.

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17 Responses to Diwali in Pakistan

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  3. Atri Joshi says:

    My best wishes are always with the Hindus of Pakistan. I respect you people and love you.

  4. firoz khan says:

    diwali par sabhi hindu ko badhaye

  5. prashant.salian77@yahoo says:

    afzal is idiot demo inthe world . he should hang till the death

    we the indian respect other religions you shameless creature .

  6. vinay says:

    india ke hindu or musalman bhai hain

  7. Nikosh says:

    Hindus and muslims should live together peacefully where ever they are in India or Pakistan.Is a pity to see Pakistan is becoming poorer. The foreign exchange reserve of Pakistan is now only Us$ 4 billion ( India has Us$ 250 billion) . Thanks to IMF for helping Pakistan. Its all because of terrorism that Pakistan is left behind in economic and education.The Government should take serious steps to eliminate terrorist bases and training camps in Pakistan.

  8. Dilber says:

    Happy to see that Pakistan also support secularism.Islam also teaches friendly relations with other religions.Its sad to see the anti- islamic & anti -hindu elements are trying to bring conflict in hindu-muslim unity….

  9. i have lot of muslim friends in dubai from india and pakistan but not hindus from pakistan where ican meet that so iwant mingling with all

  10. anup kumar, Bangladesh says:

    hi all pakistani people

    Dear, I am very happy to see there hindus festival as performing religious rituals as they celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. In this picture, if i not search that website never i did’nt know that true story.
    I wish good luck to all the Hindus of Pakistan. May God bless you all.

    i wish peacefull of all hindu-muslim unity of India-Pakistan & Bangldesh.

  11. balu says:

    can any body tell me how to contact hindu orgnization in pakistan please.

  12. jugnoo says:

    Guys and glas dont try to write anything which is respectless for any person or religion…..i uploaded this pic not to create issues but to spread peace…so all of you guys live with peace otherwise anyone who will write bullshit will be banned here on this blog……so be friend and think beofre you write anything…



  13. Potti says:

    Hi From Potti Chenai india

  14. mintooz says:

    its great to see that hindus of pakistan are living with the same respect as the muslims in india….
    bole to ye photo dekh kar

  15. manish says:

    let any human being allow to follow his religion.why to convert to any other religion or forced.god decides the religion of the human being at the time of birth,whether the human being should be hindu,christion,sikh,muslim.

  16. Purushottam Singh Meena says:

    Happy Diwali from Jaipur(Rajasthan)

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