ADB Staff Visits Salt Mines

ADB Staff Visits Salt Mines, originally uploaded by notmicrobutsoft (Camera-Robbed).

Inside view of Salt Mines, Khewra, taken during a recent recreational visit of ADB staff to Salt Mines.

Khewra Salt Mines is a salt mine in Pakistan, about 160 kilometers from Islamabad and 260 kilometers from Lahore. It attracts up to 40,000 visitors per year and is the second biggest salt mine in the world. Situated at the foothills of the Salt Range, Khewra Salt Mines are the oldest in the salt mining history of the sub-continent.
Salt has been mined at Khewra since 320 BC, in an underground area of about 110 sq. km. Khewra salt mine has proven reserves of 300 million tons. This reserve could not be consumed in 600 years even at the rate of 5 lakh tons production every day. Current production from the mine is around 3 lakh tons.
The mine-head buildings have 17 storeys, with 11 below ground. The salt-mine is 945 feet above sea level and extends around 2,400 feet inside the earth from the mine-mouth. There are 17 working levels and the cumulative length of all tunnels is more than 40 km.
Salt occurs in the form of an irregular dome like structure. There are seven thick salt seams with a cumulative thickness of about 150 meters. At places the rock salt is 99% pure. Salt is transparent, white, pink, reddish to beef-color red. There are beautiful alternate bands of red and white color salt.

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2 Responses to ADB Staff Visits Salt Mines

  1. ATIF'S FAN says:


  2. Liaquat Azeem says:

    It is undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings of Allah in Pakistan.However

    the way inside the mines must be even and well-paved to walk for the

    visitors.And a proper improved arrangement must be developed 4 the electric TRAINS

    inside the mines. Individual tickets of the train must be issued for the visitors instead

    of group system coz one ticket of train it costs 400 Rs is too much expen

    sive . The reason behind it as there are some old aged people who are

    unable to walk too long almost four kilometers on foot. thnx

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