Pakistani Soldiers in Somalia

IMG_0019, originally uploaded by Monica’s Dad.

Pakistani soldiers and Somali men at a security checkpoint at Mogadishu airport. On the far left are some American soldiers. On the top right you can see the wheel of a destroyed artillery piece.

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9 Responses to Pakistani Soldiers in Somalia

  1. Tina says:

    Pak Army Zindabad…..Long live Pakistan…
    You will stay on the map of the world with proud.Untill the day of judgement..INSHALLAH..

  2. capt najeeb says:

    …… ….and if we dnt come back tell them we have sacrificed our today for their tomorrow <Pak Army..

  3. shehzad says:

    i love pak forces and i joind pak air force inshALLAH. ‘ PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD’

  4. shakir khan says:

    i like pak army . pak army is the pride of nation pak army zindabade

  5. aneela says:

    salam to pak army and inshallah i will join pak army.

  6. kashif says:


  7. pakidil says:

    These are the real Pakistani heroes and we should appreciate them what they are doing for our country.Thank you our heroes , Our army men .

  8. gul says:

    pak army tujhay salam

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