Her name is Eshal

Her name is Eshal, originally uploaded by KamiSyed (give me a break).

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101 Responses to Her name is Eshal

  1. dio says:

    Lovely concentration!

  2. dio says:

    Lovely concentration.

  3. Amer Butt says:

    I want to know the meaning and urdu spelling of the name ESHAL

    With best regards

  4. amir says:

    kindly mail me at amirnedian@hotmail.com ,if u have got urdu spelling. The name meaning is ” A flower of heaven”

  5. RSJJ says:

    Hi Amir

    My daughter’s name is Eshal as well and we write it as ” Alf Ye Shean Alf Lam”. I am not sure if that right or wrong but we spell it like that in urdu. If we consider resemblenace of Eshal with Ghishal then it should start with an “Ain”. Have no idea which one is correct.

  6. Nabeel Ahmad Khan says:


    My daughter’s name is also ESHAL. It should sound in ARABIC & URDU as “ISH-AL”. “Alif (zair)-Sheen-Ain (Zabar)-Lam”, please do let me know if I am correct.

  7. ayesha*..**..* says:

    wow she so cute !

  8. Haroon Mohal says:


    May Allah give happiness and bright future. my daughter name is also Eshal and we spell in urdu with Aien Yeh Sheen Lam. n my fiends daughter name is also eshal as he told me that meaning of Eshal is the Most Fragrant Flower of the Heaven.

  9. shaafiu says:

    plx could u tell me how to write her [name ESHAL] in Arabic

  10. haady says:

    plx could u tell me how to write her [name ESHAL] in Arabic

  11. rizvana says:

    i want to know the origin of the name eshal.. i came to know it has 4-5 origins.. arabic,jews,biblical,hindu.. i need to confirm it n that all these origin gives a good meaning or a negativ one as well?? ive just named my newborn girl ehsal, will change it if it has a bad meaning or so..

  12. rizvana says:

    also let me know plz if any one’s daughter’s name is eshal, how does she behave? sumthing about her nature n habits..

  13. Shaheer says:

    we write is as عيشال;

  14. attiya says:

    my daughter´s name is also eshal n its ilf sheen aien laam but my husband says its aien ye sheen laam i dnt know the correct spellings plz tell me

  15. attiya says:

    eshal can be written as ilf yee sheen ilf laam in arabic.eshal is an arabic word its not in QURAN my little sweet angel eshal is so sweet n cutest girl she is now 4 months wid a cut n innocent smiley face

  16. emby says:

    Salam !
    Thr r 2 names wid similar sounds but different meanings ..
    Eshal/Ishal = a flower in heaven
    Esha’al = protected by God ..
    The muslim site where i found these names happens to confirm that they r muslim names.. I aint sure bout the origin ..i myself em confused abt the urdu spellings n proper pronounciations.. I thynk Esha’al shb b spelled as ” alif sheen aien alif laam ” whereas Eshal shd be ” alif sheen zabar laam ”
    plz lemme kn0w if it is eeeshal or ishal ? Is “alif YE sheen” correct or “alif sheen ” correct?
    Since it is a single ‘A’ shdnt it b pronounced as ghazal – sandal – kanwal – eshal ?

    • Beenish says:

      if u hav the answer of ur question tell me how to write it in urdr eiter we write it widd ” ain” or wid “alf” plz tel me
      my daugther name iz also eshaal but we saw its meaning ” flower of heaven” but u told some other meaning plz confirm this .
      waiting 4 reply
      on this id

  17. Rasikh Ali says:

    I think we need to confirm first if have any doubt.
    In my openion Eshal is agood name and we have to think about only our muslim meaning.In Lot of words one word has many different meanings.
    I have also a newly baby girl name Eshal.A flower in heaven.

  18. Rizwan says:

    Dear All,

    My daughter name is “Eshal” & I had decided this name after proper investigation about this name. because it’s an unique & good meaning name.

    It’s a Muslim name ALHAMDULILLAH & It is the name of a flower in Jannah (Heaven). The way we can write it is “Ain-Sheen-Alif-Laam”. Remember it’s “Eshal” not Eishal or Eeshal or Eashal if it was you may write “Yai” after “Ain” but it’s not. It’s my request that don’t write orpronounce it wrong because this may change it’s meaning & beautiness.

    I’m surprised most of the people has spelled it wrong in Urdu.


    Rizwan Rasheed

    • Rehman Zahid says:

      Dear Rizwan sb,

      I have also named my daughter as ESHAL (4months now) but I am still confused about pronunciation. The way it is written in Arabic I thought it should sound like ESHAAL, but some of my friends told me it should sound like EESHEL. Can you help me on that?

      I have searched net but found notjing except your comment which seemms correct.

      Best Regards
      Rehman Zahid

    • Siraj says:




    • Asim Ibrahim says:




    • mohsin says:

      Could you please (Rizzwan Rasheed) provide any website or any other authentic source from where i can cross check what you have shared here i.e. it is written as “eshal”, its arabic etc. and also the confirmation that how really it can be written in arabic/urdu.

      I am asking from you because you are quite convinced that you have researched fully about this name. Thanks.

    • mahwish says:

      if we write ‘ain sheen alif lam’ then it sounds like eshaal because of ‘alif’ after ‘sheen’ . and if we write ‘ain ye sheen lam ‘ or ‘alif ye sheen lam’
      then it sounds ‘eshal’ … let me know if i am right or wrong…

  19. emby says:

    salam again.. Thank you mr Rizwan for ur reply but can u plz mention ur source of proper investigation regarding dis name? I hav n0 doubts abt da meaning but stil aint sure bout da pronounciation and spelling.. Waiting for m0re confident replies…

    Emby !

  20. A.Ghaffar says:

    Salam.. My daughter is born today and we have named her “Eshal”..No doubt about the meaning and english spellings but confused about arabic /urdu pronounciation. Is there an “ALIF” before “LAAM”???

  21. Asim Baig says:

    I named my daugther Eshaal she is 5 days old Masha Allah.

    Esha’al : Protected by god.

    Eshal : The name of flower in the heaven.


  22. Rizwan says:

    Dear Friends / Brothers / Sisters,

    First of all I thank you all to accept my comments. & dear Rehman! as your friends says that it should pronounce “EESHEL”, so you can see that it’s totaly another name. Now if you are still confused then leave it on Allah Ta’ala by having a believe in your heart that Allah Ta’ala may bless the real meaning’s impact(s) on your daughter (Aameen).

    My love to all Eshal babies.


    Rizwan Rasheed

    • fatima says:

      plz rizwan could u help me regarding the meanings,dat how did u properly investigated?actually im vry much confused,plz do tell me how did u satisfyd urself?thank u .

    • rashida says:

      my daughter,s name is eshal,but in urdu my friend who was student of urdu told me that it shold in utdu alf ye sheen alf lam.now i want to know wt we should spell in urdu

  23. Raamish Usmani says:

    Today by the grace of Allah I have blessed by the merciful heavenly arrival of a flower in my life ..i,e my Daughter…so as i named her Ishaal Zehra
    its Alif + Sheen + Alif + Laam …

    some body said its Ain + Sheen+Alif+Laam

    Any authenticity ..of spelling ??

  24. shah says:

    After alot of research and living in an arabic speaking country, i came to know that the Eshal should be written as Ain+Sheen+Alf+Laam,
    Alif+Sheen+Ain+Laam mean lighting in arabic and Alf+Sheen+Ain+Laam mean ignited.
    i am still not sure about the origin and meaning of this name? alot of websites say flower of heaven, but still they are not authentic as they remind to confirm before choosing the name. Rizwan please can share your proper investigation with us.
    Thanks & Regards to All

  25. suhail says:

    I have recently become father of a baby girl.The baby was five weeks pre mature.Due to a tragic death of a relative i could not name the baby within seven days,however i sacrificed a sheep but could not shave off the babies hair on the seventh day.Is it compulsary to do on the seventh day ?or can I do that on any other day.
    My another question is that during internet surfing and searching of names i liked the name Eshal(flower of heaven).Kindly let me know the full meaning and origin of the word eshal and whether it is urdu,arabic or persian name.

  26. sanya says:

    thanku im a ver lucky duck+

  27. atifa zafar says:

    hi all..i have a niece .born on 19 aug 2009. plz tell me the source of investigaitons aboutthe name eeshal..and plz tell me the origin of this name. i like this name and i wanna keep these name if i come to know a bit more about it.and i wanna know it v.v soon.so plz do reply if some1 has the right info about it.thanks all

    • Hafijur Rahaman says:

      The Original Spelling is “Eshaal” and it is a Arabic name. The arabic pronounce is Ayen-Yea-Sheen-lam. And it also meaning is “The flower of Heaven”

  28. Dr. Naweed Akram says:

    I am agree with Mr. Rizwan that the correct spellings of ‘ESHAL” is “Ain, Sheen, Alf, Laam”. Almost all other members are correct in meaning i.e. a flower in the Heaven. It should be pronounced like “Eshaal”. Other spellings and pronounciations may also be there but with different meanings.

  29. salam every1
    i have a daughter 10months old and we have named her FATIMA EESHAL…….i know as per my search that the meaning of eeshal is flower in heaven. iwas alos confused, how to spell it in urdu or arabic…..
    i did it with aeen-yee-sheen-alif-lam…rest i leave to Allah to accept it as correct from our poor knowledge.
    my daughter is a cheerful and a very social baby. it seems to me as shes filled of love and joy all the time. i love her alot and like her name given by her father dr.khalid hasan.
    thank you khalid.
    and thank you every on here .love to all eeshal babies.
    God bless every1.

  30. imran says:

    I live in uk. i keep my daughter name eshal. but not sure what is exact meaning and origin.

    Meaning mean what is meaning in arabic if it is islamic.

    Also is there any muslim girl from Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) period who has same name . need some example to clarify this.


  31. imran says:

    also can someone clarify this . i am confused with this meaning. is this correct and same for arabic and urdu.


  32. zreen says:

    my girl name is eshaal.i saw this name in muslim names on internet.it was written in urdu.ain-ye-sheen-alif-lam.the meaning was written flower of the heaven.so i spelled her name eshaal.i dont know its right or wrong.anybody can tell me.

  33. Assam Hammad says:

    salam we also name our daughter as eshal. the spelling in arabic of this name is as follows:

  34. noshi says:

    wow……………………………..what a nice baby.

  35. iriirum says:

    mmy daughter name is also eshal.and she is so cute

  36. Rizwan Alam says:

    Salam EveryOne,

    I also name my doughter is ESHAL, meaning is “the name of a flower in Jannah (Heaven)” that found in net not in quran. Allah Blessed ESHAL name’s. May any one check what meaning will be of each letter in Arabic.
    like .. AIN-Sheen-Alif-Laam?

    Best Regards,
    — Rizwan Alam

    • ismail says:

      i want to know about eshal,alphabet in arabic or urdu,as i saw 2 places one place ishaal= ain+ye+sheen+alif+laam and eshal= alif+ye+sheen+laam

      which one is correct
      Esha’al : Protected by god.

      Eshal : The name of flower in the heaven.

  37. SAMI says:

    you can find it there too

  38. Tamseel Mujtaba says:

    Please see the link below to see it written in Aabic and Urdu. It will make it easy to double check the pronunciation

  39. sadia says:

    hi my daughtername is also eashal .when people hear about this name they sy wierd things about it andsauy thats its not a muslim name .
    i have read some of the replies ,plz tell me if this is an arabic name and how u know about it .the name has such a wonder full meaning so thats why i nmae her she is a flower of heaven.
    my daughter is now 3 r old and has not yry startedtalking properly and people say its because of the influence of this name plz guide me.

  40. Sajjad Butt says:

    my daughter name is also eshal, and Eshal meaning is ” flower name in Janat”.

    i mean its actualy a name of flower in Janat.

  41. amz says:

    spelling is ESHAAL and its meaning is flower of paradise.

  42. amz says:

    yes its a arabic name

  43. Sajjad says:

    The name Eshal is not available in Arabic Dictionary. I dont know how and from where people are using this and saying this is arabic name. If there is any source, please let us know

  44. numra says:

    can any 1 tel me the meaning of anaiba?
    and is it anaiba or anabia??
    i found out on sum sites the meaning of anabia i.e jannat ka darwaza but on namespedia its meaning waz “prayer”
    too diffrnt meaning???

  45. My dauther also named “ESHAAL NOOR”. Anybody confirmed to me that the origine meaning of the above name.

  46. Abdul rehman says:

    plz share PRONUNCIATION of ESHAL

  47. Khalid Alvi says:

    AoA everyone, I have to name my 6days Daughter … These are two words or same words i.e.

    Eshal & Eisha’al

    I’m also giving Urdu spells below for somebody to select scorect one for me.

    Eshal: اشعل







  48. Naeem says:

    My daughter name is also Eshal, which mean a flower in heaven.
    In Urdu we spell it like Alif-ya-shin-alif-lam.
    There is another way to spell it and most people trust that both ways are correct. It is Ain-ya-shin-alif-lam.

  49. nawaz ahmed says:

    I have a newborn – daughter who we have named ESHAL. There is confusing information regarding the name & its meaning / spellings.

    If it is esh-al then it should be pronounced EshAAL. However the way the meaning websites make it look sound like Eshal (english analogue- cf shall) . The arabic way is correct in its pronunciation & spelling but the urdu manner lacks concrete structure with emphasis on alif rather then ain . anyways Mubarak to all those daughters born with this name may Allah protect the flower in heaven & earth . ameen.

  50. Waqas Samana says:

    My Daughter’s name is also Eshal and we spell it in Urdu as “Ain – Yey – Sheen – Laam” …. we should remember the simple rule that the name which starts with “alif” should be written with “I” in English and the name which starts with “ain” should be writting with “E” in English….

    Its as simple as we write “nuqtay (dots) wala qaaf” as “Q” in English and “dandi wala kaaf” as “K” in English.



  51. Anabia says:

    ANABIA is a Arabic name/word. In Urdu ANABIA means that ”Allah se rojou kernay wali”. Word ANABI is also mentioned in the ”’Surah Luqman in Holy Quran”’ [http://quran.com/31/15 Surah Luqman 31:15] and also in ”’Surah Saad in Holy Quran”’ [http://quran.com/38/24 Surah Saad 38:24]

  52. nisar ahmad says:

    my daughter name is also Eshal three months old.. and in muslim baby names its mean flower of heaven….now confusion in urdu “ain ye sheen laam” or ain sheen laam only..please explain me thanks.

  53. nisar ahmad says:

    or alif sheen ain laam

  54. Imtiaz Haider says:

    I actually require the Urdu Spelling of word “ESHAL”. Thanks.

  55. atifsutlan@cyber.net.pk says:

    asa. kindly let me know is eshal an islamic name..?
    any evidence …? book….? thanks atif

  56. nadyn says:

    wow..i never touch a dog!

  57. hadia says:

    m also going to sugest this name to my cute bhanji eshal

  58. Arshad Nadir says:

    My Daughter name is also Eshal, please see her Pic

    Her name meaning is flower of Heaven.

    Thanks & best regards,

    M. Arshad Nadir

  59. sir is tarhan behas ka koi faida nae ha is nam k bare me kisi alam e deen se puchen ya phir arabic dictionary me dakhen………… ap sb ka ye kehna ha k eshal means flower of heaven………. lakin kisi k pas is k bare me koi sabut ha k ye is ka matlab ha……. ho sakta ha kisi be-deeen ne is ka galat matlab likh dia ho…..is lea net se nam select nae karna chaea…………

  60. DR.FARIHA says:

    after two yrs of struggle i can proudly announce d meaning of name ESHAL..
    origin : AIN-SHEEN-LAAM
    I found dat in arabic dicitionary n i can send u d link if u like..

    • arham says:

      Thank you so much Dr FARIHA.
      i think it is correct meaning and spelling.

    • Aneela Khalid says:


      Gr8 work …

      After consulting this page, we named our daughter as Eishaal (عىشال). Now she is mahshallah 1.5 years old. Can you help us with exact meaning & spells?

      Mr & Mrs. Khalid

  61. Usman Farooq says:

    Dr. Fariha, please send the link from where you found this.


  62. saima says:

    can any one tell me the meaning of name ANABIA pl reply me as soon as possible.

  63. Syed Ahmed Faraz says:

    DR. FARIHA here is DR. FARAZ
    can u tell me the link from where u search the meanings of eshal
    i m waiting ur reply

  64. dr.fariha says:

    here are two links of a very famous dictionary of the arabic language,
    its meaning is the person who anticipates something and it comes true,



  65. hassan says:

    GrEaT cOnCeNtRaTiOn

  66. Pingback: mp3 quran | quran | holy quran mp3

  67. Faisal says:

    its all confusing really so far…. i will come up with the correct details soon…to clarify you all.

  68. Sumair Shah says:

    ALAHADULILAH …ALLAH blessed me a daughter and Who we have named Syeda Eshal Sumair.. I just got this page to learn how to write her name in Urdu.. But here I am feeling that people are quite confusing on this name. I am writing her name by
    Alif + Ye + Sheen + Laam.. As it sounds ok as per its spelling in English. i hope its right way to write without any confusion.

  69. Khuram says:


  70. honey says:

    kindly check pronunciation of arabic dialect and names here

  71. abid goraya says:

    ALLAH blessed me a daughter and Who we have named
    Eshal Fatima Goraya
    Baby Girl Names


    Most fragrant flower of the Jannat, Flower in the heaven, Jannat ka phool

    Lucky Number:
    Read more: http://www.pakistan.web.pk/names/eshal.299/#ixzz25lVc4bIJ
    reference of website given

  72. Aza Setiawan says:

    thanks Rizwan …
    I looked for many times bout the meaning of ESHAL and most I found its meaning was the flower in the heaven..so I named my son Eshal as his first name. but yesterday I found another meaning.. I found its attached in israeli song lyric by ofra haza..
    lucky me find yours..
    so I know tha was rele Islamic name.. I think that’s suitable for both of male n female gendre..

    my fb .. Matahari Kenya

  73. eshaal says:

    ye naam durust ha…..urdu or english ma….urdu ma “ain” k nichy “zaer” ati ha…

  74. Raheela says:

    I found the meaning of Eshal at this site including the way to write it in urdu.
    Quote (Originally Posted by aysha)
    “Beautiful name…..Meaning of Eshal is Most fragrant flower of Heaven(as u hav heard)…but spellings in urdu r….Aien Yeh Sheen Lam.”


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