DJ. science college,Karachi

DJ. science collage,Karachi, originally uploaded by *Iqbal*.

Designed by James Strachan and considered this architect’s greatest achievement, the college was built between 1887 and 1893. Named after the Sindhi philanthropist Dayaram Jethmal, whose two family members contributed towards its cost, the building was constructed in the neoclassical, or ‘Italian architectural style’. A considerable amount of money was spent on the interior of the college; the floors comprised mosaic tiles imported from Belgium and the eight-foot wide main staircase was fitted with ornamental cast-iron work from McFarlane & Company of Glasgow. Karachi, once the capital of Pakistan, is now the capital of Sindh province and the major port and main commercial centre of the country. It was a strategically located small port at a protected natural harbour on the Arabian Sea north-west of the mouth of the Indus, and was developed and expanded by the British when they took over Sindh in the mid-19th century to serve the booming trade from the Punjab and the wheat and cotton regions of the sub-continent

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90 Responses to DJ. science college,Karachi

  1. Owais Bayunus says:

    I am a graduate of DJ College and remember its every step and corner.
    Alhamdolillah (Thanks God) I am doing fine and very happy with my life and the education I received there went a long way through ny career. I hope other graduates from this college are also doing fine.

    Owais Bayunus

  2. Amar Guriro says:

    sindh government has initiated the renovation and restoration of this historical building. the construction work will be complete by june 2009

  3. Nilofar Ahmed says:

    I graduate 1986 from DJ Science Collage. I am looking for any classmate of my year.

    • abdul razzaq says:

      hello, i am Abdul Razzaq passed my intermediate in 1988 from D.J. Science college. you left D.J. Science in 1986 and i just took admission in the same year. you are not my classmate but if a see any student from this college it pleases me. Mr. Moosa Kamlani use to be my favourite teacher. What about yours?

  4. Khizar Mobeen says:

    i did my fsc from was my to get addmission there and Alhamdulillah i i m in ned uni,main campus.i like my college college n i miss my teachers alot!

  5. Khizar Mobeen says:

    i mean it was my dream

  6. zain alam khan says:

    i want to apply as a member of student council in this college and i wish i will be there inshallah after august and will be a part of it

  7. I graduated from DJ in 1960….ah..the remembrances…two Zuberis, one from Mahrera and the other from Meeruth were Physics Professors then….One Parsi gentleman was the Principal and a Parsi lady was the Chairman of Department of Microbiology..those were the most wonderful days… day Prince Phillip of England visited our college..what pomp and ceremony was then and he passed me a couple of feet away as he saw what we were doing in our Zoology class…all our professors were fantastic including D’Souza who later became Principal of college and then was disrepected in the athletic meet and instead of his disrespecters being punished, he was transferred as a demotion to Dadu…these are the reasons why we have retrogressed….we were great and we were full of hope but we did not learn to respect education and our great educators..I can continue forever…

  8. Najma Rani says:

    I graduated from D.J Science College. I studied for four yearsafter I passed my Matriculation My eldest sister and my eldest brother also grduated from D.J science college. I was a member of debating society. I remember I had my pictures in D.J college yearly magazine. But I never knew I shouLd have kept those magazines to show D.J Magazine to my children. I remember in that group picture there with us was Mouzafar Ali shah ( A prominent figure of Sind assembly) and Jaweed Jabar , who os also a prominent figure in Pakistan’s politics.

    I remember all my teachers and pray for them if they have any sickness or if they are no more in this world. Mr Sidwa Mirza. Madam Medona, Mr Naseem, Mr Zuberi, Mr Zafar, Hashim jalali< Mr Asad and Mr —-. D.J gave me the confidence which i carry today.

  9. Najma Rani says:

    I graduated from D.J Science College. I studied for four years after I passed my Matriculation My eldest sister and my eldest brother also grduated from D.J science college. I was a member of debating society. I remember I had my pictures in D.J college yearly magazine. But I never knew I should have kept those magazines to show D.J Magazine to my children. I remember in that group picture there with us was Mouzafar Ali shah ( A prominent figure of Sind assembly) and Jaweed Jabar , who os also a prominent figure in Pakistan’s politics.

    I remember all my teachers and pray for them to be blessed by God almighty if they have any sickness or if they are no more in this world. Mr Sidwa Mirza. Madam Medona, Mr Naseem, Mr Zuberi, Mr Zafar, Hashim jalali< Mr Asad and Mr —-. D.J gave me the confidence which i carry today.

    • Shakoor Anwar says:

      I m from Rahim yar khan some clasfellows Imrana , Nomana, Imtiaz Khan, Rana Ameen late, Tariq mehmood khan etc & teachers sir Chughtai,Abdul Sammad,Im shakoor Anwar

  10. Saiyid Irfan Hussain says:

    I graduated from D.J. Science College, Karachi in 1980, my main subject was Geology, I am looking for any classmate of that year.

  11. Saeed says:

    hey this COLLEGE helps as to learn something new thnx all my teacher and Good luckly

  12. Anas Khan says:

    is this necessary 2 come in this college daily for the students?its impossible for me 2 come daily b\c i live farther 2 this college but i like this college

  13. FARAZ says:

    asalam u alaikum

    this is superb college and this is my desire to learn in this college.and my dream comes true. now i will go in this college from 26 september.but i can’t do daily becoz its too furthur from me . iam live in qasba colony and it is in saddar town. you know better than me.i am right or worng tell me

  14. ali says:

    asalam u alaikum

    this college is very good but one thing is wrong in this college.many people are in jamiat and this is very wrong and having bad boys. and i don’t know that .in this college is co education

  15. Shah Fahad says:

    I like this College very much.

  16. JUNAID says:


  17. irshad hussain. says:

    i did my graduation from dj three years back and i attach unforgetful memories with this great alumini! i really miss my teachers particularly sir khuda bux, sir chughtai baig and sir iqbal of urdu dept.They have great contribution in building confidence in me,LOVE ALL DJRIANS!!!!

  18. I did my bsc from this prestigiou college in 1992. I learn from my teacher humanity,confidence I feel proud. I wish i meet all my friend once I miss them alot.

    • Nasima Khanam says:

      I was in politics (unfortunately) and if u were in the college in 1989 then u must remember me. Please let me know if u know any of my class mates. Thanks

  19. Nasima Khanam says:

    I graduated from DJ College in 1989. Looking for my friends.

    • nisar akhtar says:

      which department you were.i also graduated in1989 from geology.
      do know know noreen zia (she was in zoology as i remember)

      • Iram Altaf says:

        Hi Naseema,
        This is Iram . I graduated from D.J in the same year and I am looking for other classmates. Have any idea where the rest of the classmates are? I am in touch with Irfana and naheed only.

        I think Mr. Nisar Akhtar is asking for Naveen Zia who was with me. She went to London and then I lost contact of her.

      • Umer Saeed says:

        Hi Iram, do u hav any contact with Naseema? i was with Ashraf Chohan and Ali Bhai. I guess it was 1997 or 98. Let me know if u have talked to her. Say hi to Irfana as well 🙂

      • Nasima Khanam says:

        Assalam O Alaykum Umer
        How are you? I did replied to your last message few months ago but you never replied back. Please post your email address and I will contact you Insha Allah. I have also replied to Iram’s message and still waiting for her response.

      • Nasima Khanam says:

        Assalam O Alaykum Iram

        How are you? Good to find one college mate at last! I am still in touch with Fareha Hyderi and also in touch with Seema Jalil if you remember them!



      • Umer says:

        Assalam Alakum Nasima. How r you? long time no chat with u. How hav u been? Where are all the friends of 1989???? It will be good to talk to all friends after soooooo long . Anyways keep in touch. You can contact me on this email: Thanks.

      • Nisar says:

        Iram Altaf ! you are right.Her name was
        Naveen Zia!
        I remember Now.

    • Umer Saeed says:

      hi nasima,
      this is Umer. i used to be APMSO with Ashraf Chohan. do u remebr me????? 🙂

      • Nasima Khanam says:

        Assalam O Alaykum Umer,

        Off course I remember you. You were in Inter when we were doing graduation. You used to be with two friends I don’t remember their names unfortunately. How are you Umer? Still in Pakistan? Sorry for my late reply.

      • Umer says:

        Assalam, How are you?:) long time no chat with you 🙂

  20. Muhammad Ahmed Ansari says:

    I am a proud DJARIAN. Its my first year in college & i just love it. I always wanted to pass my intermediate for DJ and i am doing it. It’s a great place to learn.

  21. asghar ali khan says:

    i have graduated from D.J SINDH GOVT SCIENCE COLLEGE in 2008.all the teachers are cooperative,didicated sincere and hard working.proud to be D.JARIAN.

  22. I am Irfan old Chemistry student for DJ. After seen my college pic i am remembering my old but gold memories……..No i am working in Middle East in Desalination Fields.

  23. nisar akhtar says:

    i graduated from DJ college in1989.i was in Geology.
    I cannot forget those days of my life….a life long memories.

    any one who was in Geology section please contact me.

    i cannot forget my friends Asif ali ansari,waqar alam sherwani ect.

  24. Nasima Khanam says:


    I was in Microbiology dept with Fareha Hyderi and Seema Jalil. I was in APMSO and UI of girls unit. Hope you remember Ashraf Chohan UI and Ali bhai they were in our badge too. Im sure i know Noreen Zia but please describe again how did she look in college days. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Allah hafiz


  25. Atif Qureshi says:

    I graduated from pre-medical (section “D”) in 1990. I was very pleased with the education and training I recived from this respectable institution. It provided me a good start which end to another prestigious institution alike, Dow Medical College. …… Today I am a successful Emergency Room Physician in USA and couldn’t have accomplished it without “DJ” in my life! Yes…We love you “DJ”!!

  26. junaid ahmed says:

    need admission form

  27. izhar ahmed ghouri says:

    it’s my second year in this repeutable collage. It was my dream to be the srudent of this college and now i am here. I feel proud to be the part of this college. I wanna thanks to my friend who has given me this suggestion to leave a comment on this site. i am proud to be a DJRIAN.

  28. shoaib raza says:

    i m studing in dj sci colg its very owsum specially i like phy’s teacher shahzad muslim sir

  29. Huma Hasan says:

    I graduated in 1987 (Microbiology) looking for friends same year or a year before! Huma Yousuf

  30. Sabih Ahmed Aghai says:

    sI have completed my FSc from DJ College in 1999. I like my college and its administration very much. Alhamdulillah i succeeded & now i m a banker & spending a peaceful life. i miss my college and all its teachers alot especially Sir. Moosa Kamlani & Ms. Tahira Hussain Moosavi.

    My friend Mudassir if u read this msg plz mail me ur address bcoz I & Noman both miss u alot………………

  31. U.H.ABBASI says:

    I have completed my F.Sc from D J College in 2010.I miss college days very much.i will never forget Sir Amir ul Haq of Mathametics Department.

  32. Nadir Ali says:

    I did XI and XII from this college from 2008 to 2010. i like beautiful and historical building of this college. its teachers were very experienced. My favourite teacher was sir Afzal (physics). He taught us physics in funny style and thus making physics a fun to learn!

  33. Moiz says:

    Cheating is allowed Dj Collage Tell ME i shall be very thankful to you all

  34. SHAHID ALTAF says:


  35. I graduated from DJ in 1985. I am looking for my class mates… subject were Micro biology, zoology and Chemistry.

  36. farrukh iqbal khwaja says:

    i have passed my intermediate from DJ SCIENCE COLLEGE

  37. i studied now in first year and i really enjoeyed in college studies my best teacher are sir iqbal,sir rizwan

  38. M.Ali says:


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  41. ahtisham says:

    i am student of Dj college n it’s a superb clg.i love this clg

  42. Hamid-ur-Rehman says:

    I graduated from DJ Science College in 2008. My subjects were Physics, Maths, Statistics. it was awesome experience to learn from such Alma mater. its teachers, its staff its students all are best in their desiplines. I was affiliated with Islami Jamiat Talba.

  43. Aurangzaib says:

    i really miss my college and my class fellows my name is Aurangzaib 1996.

  44. Tariq Mahmood Khan says:

    I was a student of DJ College from 1983~84. It was my dream to get admission in this college. I succeeded. Its memories are sweet. A great home of learning. Geo DJ

    • Shakoor Anwar says:

      Hello Mr.Tariq Mehmood khan, I m shakoorAnwar from RahimYar Khan.I know you as my friend I lived New Mitharam Hostel you always visited me in my room#10 where Mr.Rana Ameen late, Mr.Imtiaz khan and others had discussions.
      Among other classfellows, Imrana, Rukhsana, Nomana Kallo,as you named her &our teachers Mrs.Nasreen Jameel,Sir Chughtai , Mr.Abdul Sammad Botony……..oh!! what were the beautiful days!

  45. na says:

    i know ashraf chowan and ali they are used t be in apmso.

  46. na says:

    hi moderator ,
    can you please remove all the comments posted under the name nisar akhtar.


  47. jugnoo says:

    Dear NA, sorry for the late reply..i think i have done the needful…isnt it?

  48. Ammar Ali Shah says:

    Is there any person who can help me in Papers because i my board is in DJ College plxx is there any person contact me my email address is

  49. syed umer says:

    Assallam o alaikum.
    i want the cell no of sir afzal>!!

  50. nadia abid says:

    i graduated from dj in 2007.i spend very gud time there.i found dedicative teachers and freinds there.i can’t forget those days ever.

  51. S M Kashif Mazhar says:

    Hi.. itx me S M Kashif Mazhar. i have done inter from dj college in 2009.. i enjoyed my inter life very well due to the mind blowing, splendid, brilliant and coperative teachers now i am doing engg. from NED..

  52. sumaiashahab says:

    please let me know about bsc in zoology from DJ college

  53. nashwa says:

    is this college co-education?

  54. Farooq says:

    Assalam O Alaykum
    Hi, My Bsc complete from DJ Collage and i am find my classmate that year.

    Sara ansari, Farhan Khan, and Mo. Mohtashim

  55. Prof. S.M.Maroof hussain says:

    those students with geology combinations & others belonging to DJ College is a good news for them that we’ve succeeded in establishing a Geological Museum with the co-operation of our loving & devoted students first ever of its kind in the whole province of Sindh at college level not only that but recently by launching our departmental website we’ve taken the lead of boasting ourselves the first website at departmental level of the college plz visit our website & comment in this regard will help us overcoming shortfalls :

  56. Prof. S.M.Maroof hussain says:

    any student requiring the names of their forgotten colleagues, they may do so by quoting their approximate year of entering the college with GEOLOGY combination only

  57. Abdul Basit says:

    Dear Friends, I am also a ex-student of DJ Science College……and I am proud to be …….I completed my B.Sc. in 1992 with Statistics, Physics and Maths……had many friends very few are still in touch. but i will be thankful if somebody from my batch or any of my friend read this post kindly email me at

  58. Shakoor Anwar says:

    Assalam o alaikum to all my classmates session 1982-84 hope you hale & healthy. Do contact me I miss you all.

  59. Miftah ul haq says:

    aoa.kya DJ College me practicals (physics) recheck hoskty hein..agar koi tariqa hai to plz bta dein.student of 2014 engineering.

  60. hina says:

    i did my graduation in 2008 it was awesome days of my life

  61. Abdul Basit says:

    It is to inform all the friends, our friend Zubair Farooqi who graduated (B.SC) in 1992 from DJ College is no more with us. Kindly Pray for him May Allah Bless his soul and forgive him (Ameen)

  62. asif says:

    my name is asif majid i did bsc in 1996-97 batch my favourate teacher was sir mansoor of bio chemistry. any one reply off this batch

  63. asif says:

    i am asif majid 1996 batch dj sience colledge bio chem micro subjects

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