Khewra – Salt Mines

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Inside view of Salt Mines, Khewra, taken during a recent recreational visit of ADB staff to Salt Mines.

Khewra Salt Mines is a salt mine in Pakistan, about 160 kilometers from Islamabad and 260 kilometers from Lahore. It attracts up to 40,000 visitors per year and is the second biggest salt mine in the world. Situated at the foothills of the Salt Range, Khewra Salt Mines are the oldest in the salt mining history of the sub-continent.
Salt has been mined at Khewra since 320 BC, in an underground area of about 110 sq. km. Khewra salt mine has proven reserves of 300 million tons. This reserve could not be consumed in 600 years even at the rate of 5 lakh tons production every day. Current production from the mine is around 3 lakh tons.
The mine-head buildings have 17 storeys, with 11 below ground. The salt-mine is 945 feet above sea level and extends around 2,400 feet inside the earth from the mine-mouth. There are 17 working levels and the cumulative length of all tunnels is more than 40 km.
Salt occurs in the form of an irregular dome like structure. There are seven thick salt seams with a cumulative thickness of about 150 meters. At places the rock salt is 99% pure. Salt is transparent, white, pink, reddish to beef-color red. There are beautiful alternate bands of red and white color salt. 

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27 Responses to Khewra – Salt Mines

  1. dewayne ingram says:

    I need a pic of the oldest salt mines

  2. aman ullah says:

    this is best picture of the best place because this place give us taste in our food

  3. We have previously used pakistani salt when we lived in kasmmir,we dont get it in delhi now, can u suggest us any source where from we can get it so that we are not deprived of this gift of nature bor better health.

  4. mo says:

    WOOOOOWWWWWWWW,pakistan is amazing

  5. We offer Paskistani salt in our shop, mostly in block form as Himalayan salt plates and Himalayan salt platters, etc. The salt bricks’ beauty up close, in the light of day, is almost impossible to describe! And they are wonderful to cook on, imparting a mild, balanced saltiness to food. I am curious, were you able to visit any of the active mines? Were you able to get a sense of the labor practices at the mines (which I hear are not great)? Also, do you know of other Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan?

  6. Engagocon says:


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  7. ALI ASGHAR says:


  8. Rahat Islam says:

    I love pakistan a beautiful pakistan
    and also khewra salt mine there are so many nature places in pakistan
    i invited to all peoples of the world to see beautiful pakistan , incredible pakistan

  9. Usama Akram says:

    I love Pakistan because it is our fatherland and motherland and we are to love our country Pakistan ___________________ Pakistan Zindabad ____Azadi Paindabad ……………………….!

  10. I love my Pakistan. salt mine is very beautiful.

  11. main ne khewra salt mine ka viset kiya hai mujhe yeh bht achi lagi ha aur ma ne bara enjoy kiya hai.pakistan zindabad aur niya nara ha us waqt ka pakistan sa zinda bhag. Best of luck

  12. I love world beceuse its my PAKISTAN is a very very beautiful PAKISTAN have beautifull place.

  13. sumaira says:

    i have visited Khewra mine it is most beautiful place of pakistan i enjoy somush during visit it I LOVE PAKISTAN
    PAKISATN is heaven in the world

  14. NOUMAN says:


  15. Malik farooq says:

    This is the face of heaven, last time when i was come in khewra thn i was skocked, i really enjoy it nd this very beautiful place, any person who live in khewra can give me a faver when i was come in again khewra. 0321-9403551, this my no contact me.

  16. asghar mirza says:

    i love my city khewra it is very beautiful place for visitors plz come and visit salt mine we are allways available for your servises

  17. irfan khan fani says:

    i love pakistan and khewra is the best city in pakistan

  18. naeem awan says:

    lovly mine

  19. naeem awan says:

    lovly mine.aur app nai jab be mine dekhni ho muj se rabta krain..bec me at khewra

  20. Farhan Ul haq Siddiqui says:

    very good place for visiting. I also my self visted the mine. what a place. The place like a megic valley. I love that place very much.

    Pakistan Zinda baad

  21. azim says:

    sonia a tswira

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  23. gagroo says:


  24. Humza sajid says:

    I really like this pics n enjoy

  25. farhan says:

    very gud and beautiful i like you work

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