Beauty of Pakistan

Beauty of Pakistan, originally uploaded by Mandana Zaidi.

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I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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124 Responses to Beauty of Pakistan

  1. zahra says:

    so sweet girl

  2. nida says:

    i can’t explain how she is.

  3. anna says:

    they r all such beautiful young girls, machaallah, but plz b aware of all those pedofiles (older men), who can use all those pictures in a very bad n wrong way.. may allah protect all the children in the world..!

  4. Soooooooooo Cute says:

    ooooooooo very cute baby

  5. abu hamees says:

    very nice and looking beautiful girl. if you send brief interview of this girl and another pictures, i will published this one into a students magazine. thanks

  6. Shoaib Anjum says:

    MashaAllah !! Good Pic , She is looking Great !! Really very Cute !!
    Keep it up man , u are doing a great job !!

    Mr. Peer from Portugal !!
    00351 961234568

  7. sunny says:

    pakistan zindabad.

  8. jamshed says:


  9. qaiser saleem says:

    i love this girl

  10. aliarifsiddiqui says:

    so nice ma

  11. sunny says:

    pakistan zindabad.

    pakistan is the best.

    pakistan paindabad.

    i love pakistan.

  12. MASOOD SHAH says:


  13. waqar ahmad says:

    Thanks for doing such a hurdful job thanks again for doing this.

  14. waqar ahmad says:

    hello shahid and gohar
    i dont like gohar
    but i do like shahid
    ok thanks

  15. crete110 says:

    What a beautiful child.

    I was hoping you might be able to help me (or someone out there ) with something. I have a friend that was adopted from Iran by a US military family and brought back to the states. She’s now 30.

    The orphanage had absolutely no information on her parents or where she came from. While she’s obviously Middle Eastern, we can not seem to place her heritage. Her adoptive mother feels like she may have been from one of the regions tribes even since she has darker features than most Iranian women.

    I would be happy to send a picture to anyone who feels they may be able to help us narrow down the field.

  16. faria says:

    sms me good frend

  17. Indian model says:

    very charming original pakistani girl, i love that type of children

  18. shahzaib channa form khi says:

    sheeeeeeeeeeeee is too sweet and cute baby.
    my is

  19. haroon says:

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  20. Hameed Afridi says:

    dera khiesta da. da gul ghunde.

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  22. SOHAIL says:

    so beautiful and seems very pieceful face and innocent

  23. SOHAIL says:

    very nice girl who wanted to friendship

  24. Farhan says:

    those girls who want to good friendship please see on my website

  25. SnakeBite says:

    We are the true soldiers of Islam; you are fighting an enemy who have no fear of death. Try as you will Pakistan will never break. The world and media are trying hard to seperate our people but we will rise through this turbulant period and then India will be shown to the world to be the nation of cowards and money worshipping morans that they are. India cannot even face an unstable Pakistan therefore how will it even look a United Pakistan in the eye!!! hahahaha
    As for Australia – fucking bunch of pussies!!! i don’t even accept your existance as you don’t have a right to the land that you have occupied from the aboriginies!!! But that is the story of you people – going around the world stealing and occupying peoples land aka Isreal, Americas, etc and then trying to dictate to the rest of us!! Just Fuck Off!!
    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!

  26. Proud Pakistani says:

    this is to james,australia n supporter of india.
    hey u bastards.
    u r d ones who r disturbing our peace.
    u bastards u r gonna go 2 hell dats damn sure.
    all d tym drunkun pigs

  27. proud pakistani says:

    no 1 cn take us out frm map u got it
    ur bloody fathers r nt d owners.
    well our ALLAH is wid us
    dnt u worry bloody supporter of indians
    go 2 hell

  28. aftab nadeem says:

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  29. waqas uddin says:

    yer ya aur khoobsurat kar sakta tha ok

  30. ayesha says:

    ALLAH has blesed pakistan with so much of beauty mASHALLAH……….and thise bloody indian nad others shud be kicked out as soon as possible thy r jealous people alwayzzzzzzzzz….

  31. Rana Nawaz says:

    subhanAllah.allah ka karshma

  32. pasha says:

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  33. benish khn says:

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  36. Mehmood.ALI says:

    MASHALLAH Cut girl. Chaild always looking cuts and nice i loved child always

  37. Mehmood.ALI says:

    MASHALLAH Prity gril.Chalid Always Looking cut and I love chlid.

  38. masifu says:

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  39. ano says:

    love u baby so weet God bless umy child

  40. ahmed nawaz says:

    salam 2 all muslims.this young girl is too cute.we pakistanes have the ability 2 change the world.this is a time 2 be sincere with our country
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  41. samy says:

    this is exactly what i was looking about superb mindbloing

  42. sudhir says:

    very good.

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  47. Umar says:

    This is as beautiful as Allah!

  48. sajjad says:

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  53. waseem says:

    Aslamualikum for all my pakistani

    sach a tech full picture.her face saying manying think.her cuteness,her buty,Good job for that persons who share this pic.very good.

    very beattifull child. Allah bless her.and give here happyness

    waseem from kuwait

  54. birdy says:

    She is really a cute and stylish girl. The picture is also taken very professionally.

  55. aakash says:

    ur titlle pic is very nice

  56. wali khan says:

    Realy she is so cute and beuty. May ALLAH make beuty her inner virtue also. God save all beuty people from dangerous.

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  60. Khoban says:

    Beautiful. Pakitani people r so cute bc pakistan is a heaven

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  61. fatima khan says:

    very cute and nice g
    irl.sooo sweettttt.

  62. Farwa Rizvi says:

    I Like this Girl i Love u Pakistannnnn…..:)

  63. soni says:

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  67. punjabianz says:

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  68. usman ali says:

    i can’t explain how she looks but Allah protect her from bad eyes

  69. raja sheeraz says:

    i can,t explain how she looks she is very cute

  70. zaheer ksa says:

    saadgi,masoomiat,aur khamosh aankhon se is cute baby ne hum sab ko ye pegham diya hai k chahe kitne hi gham aur dukh kyun na hon hamesha apne face muskurahat raho

  71. Rehan says:

    …yar kitni khobsorat, cute, or innocent hai. najany kitny swal inki aankhon or shehray sy ayaan hai.

  72. Shani says:

    I am a cute and handsom boy only beuty girls contact me

  73. Beautiful quite littile pakistani girl and his brother

  74. mashallah beautiful little girl and his brother

  75. khizar says:

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  76. nabeel says:

    sooooooo nice and innocent pic

  77. nabeel says:

    ok u like sms

  78. fatima says:

    this baby iz sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ALLAH TALLAH IS ko hamisha apni rehmat main rakhy or esko har bori nazr sy bachaye AMEEN

  79. Abuzar says:

    Such a beautiful girl.Just like our PAKISTAN.May ALLAH protect d beau

  80. Naeem Ahmad says:

    Salam My all Pakistani……….!
    she is very beautiful and cute

  81. Mr IRFAN says:

    Garibon pe ehsan karo kyn k garib honay main time nae lagta.

  82. erfan shaikh says:

    aik bar dil se allah ko yad karo aur phir us rab se dua karo ge to zaror qabool ho gi.
    erfan shaikh

  83. arooj fayyaz says:

    nice pic

  84. Ayesha says:

    Mashallah!!! Real beauty from pakistan…very nice n cutie pie… it…

  85. afzalawan says:

    mashallha so sweet

  86. jani says:

    i want to a bastfarind

  87. really pakistan is beautiful

  88. BEST AZAM says:

    Very cute child baby…..

  89. Akhlaq Ahmad says:

    Aslam-o-Alikum AlahTallah app sub ko kush rakhe

  90. taimoor says:

    Plz mery hum watno pakistan k sath hum log acha ne kr rhay hum sab isko lut or lutwa rhay hen ap jan gay ho k kon kon isko loot rha hy agay brho 1 kdam or non ejucated log jo meri trha k hen smjhao un ko k naraay marna choro or achay logon ko agay lao jo mulak k sath mukhlis hen jin ko gdar hukmrano nay pechay dhkel dia hy or agar ye mulak jo bohat kurbanioon k bad hum ko mila allah pak na kray chla gya to ye jin k naray hum lgaatay hen ye bahir k mulkoon men jhaan say ye atay hen wapis chlay jaeen gay or phr kya ho ga bs aisay soch lo k hmari khobsorat maan behan ho rat ke tareki men or 1k jugle ho or hum mar jaen to un k sath kya ho ga.bura lga to muaf krna wesay is matii nay hmeen maan jitna pyar dia hay or ye maan he hy allah pak is maan ka saya hmesha hum par rkhay or hum apni maan ke hifazat say kuch lota kr bhe krtay rhen aamin. Khaksar mlang paki

  91. Zia armani says:

    Very beutiful our pakistan

  92. Ansar says:

    I Love pakistan.

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  97. Mekial says:

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  98. Md Azad says:

    Pakisatannn i love u. Pakistani beauty i also lv u

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  100. muskam malik says:

    pleeez yar ap galat alfaz na likha kro q k boht gunah ho chuky hain pakma

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