Chhap Shuro, A Feast from Hunza

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims

Chhap Shuro, A Feast from Hunza

Whole wheat chappati wrapped around meat, vegetables, and spices. Cooked on fire. Often referred to as Hunza Pizza.

Choose Mutton, Chicken, Beef or Vegetables only.

Must Try The Hidden Paradise Restaurant in Karimabad Bazar to tickle your taste buds with a whole new cuisine.

Oooo yea, I forgot to mention the Apricot Oil sprinkle over this chhap shuro.

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I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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