Imran Khan

Its me Imran Khan

Captured By: Yasin Hassan


About jugnoo

I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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3 Responses to Imran Khan

  1. Mr. Khan,

    I would like your permission to use the following picture in an MBA presentation I am working on. It is fantastic in color and demonstrates a point I am trying to make regarding organizations in 2030.

    Basically that work is not a place you go to but something you need to have passion about and can be done anywhere in the world.

    Here is the link and if you can kindly send me a jpg would be much appreciated!!! I grew up in Kuwait and left with my family at the age of 13 after the first gulf war. I can’t begin to explain how many memories your photo brings back to me and I eagerly pushes me to a soon return.

    Marina Waves, My Foot

    kindly yours, Tarek

  2. Imran Khan says:

    Thank you Mr. Tarek and i am pleased to know that my photo helped you to think about your country. For sure you can use this photo. Its an honor for me brother.


    Imran Khan

  3. Suleman Eric says:

    Hai how are you Imran, Im Suleman from U.A.E. Its nice to see the posted snaps of you and others, Plz Post some more snaps of different festivals in lahore like Jashan-e-bahara and many more others. This just by chance I have seen though the google Search. Thank you.

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