Grow and Prosper

Grow and Prosper, originally uploaded by !shtiaQ Ahmed.

Grow and Prosper

Change is the way things happen. Change does not have to stop you or limit you. In fact, change will empower you and pull you forward if you let it. You cannot stop change. And you must not allow it to stop you. When things are going along great, something will change. When you’re full of despair, something will change. It is the nature of your existence.

The changes keep coming. Through them, you can learn, grow and prosper. It is fundamental to life itself. Think of all the processes of change going on right now in your body, which serve to keep you alive from moment to moment.

Things change. Every moment is different from the last one. Do things change for the better or for the worse? That depends. That depends entirely on you. Change is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. It is simply necessary. If things did not change, nothing would ever happen.

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Taken: Spring Flower Show, Rose & Jasmine Garden, Islamabad, Pakistan.

About jugnoo

I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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