Hope is Born

Hope is Born, originally uploaded by Naveed Mughal.

Captured at Grand Paa’s home. I love the shot very much which is purposely taken followed by the title which came in mind when i was observing the flower bud.

Captured by: Naveed Mughal

Dedicated to Imran Khan


About jugnoo

I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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4 Responses to Hope is Born

  1. SajS says:

    I loved this. You really have a collection of beautiful pics. keep it up.

  2. majnu bai says:

    u really should enter a photography contest……..purquoi tu ne pe pas entre la conteste?

  3. Naveed Mughal says:

    Thank u all for liking…

    majnu bhai thanks and i will try…

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