Culture Resides in Ideas

Culture Resides in Ideas, originally uploaded by !shtiaQ Ahmed.

The effects of technology are numerous, apart from the positive effects there is a dark side to it. In our march to progress we have degraded the natural world. Forests are chopped down, topsoil is washed away, rivers are polluted and our waste is dumped in the oceans.

On the surface this appears to be a relatively recent problem. If we went back a century and a half it would seem that mankind treads quite lightly on the planet. On face value the culprit is industrial technology. However this is not the case. The culprit is our cultural vision; our cultural vision wields technology in a destructive fashion.

Civilization and culture is influenced by the other. Civilization is an advanced state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society, marked by progress in the arts and sciences, the extensive use of record-keeping, including writing, and architecture. This is basically a state of affair in a society at a particular time frame.

Culture means the ways of thinking, acting, behaving that people have internalized in them and which are transformed into reality through their actions in the society. Civilization is the human creativity, intellect and volition translated into reality whereas culture is the morality and intellect that remain as the under current of human thought. Civilization progresses thorough the vehicle of knowledge and technology whereas culture thrives in human mind and proceeds through tradition.

Culture resides in ideas and civilization spurns out of ideas. Watching over the beautiful building structure created by our elders left there for decay made me think where we are heading, beautiful architecture still rivals the best what we have produced in the present time. We lack in the ideas and our civilization is declining because of this shortage. Being before the creations of our ancestors take us back in time to think about how skilled their hands were and how filled their minds were with ideas.

Taken: Bhabra Bazar, Old Rawalpindi City, Punjab, Pakistan

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1 Response to Culture Resides in Ideas

  1. Rabia Shah says:

    this kind of culture is now a guest for a few more years … after 10 or 15 years you could not find this kind of buildings in entire asia … i have visited in india this type of buildings are now only available but very few in delhi and agra

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