Imran Khan


Shot captured by my Best n Sweet Friend Naveed Mughal

Hi everyone….i was TAGGED by bluewinx15 and here I am with 16 things about me…..i do feel that I am gone back to old time when we had to write an essay about cow, horse, my school etc…..but today I have to do the same but about myself….(not that easy)

1. I respect everyone and like to be respected….I like to dream with open eyes

2. I am soft spoken and so much emotional…Family comes first to me…

3. I am bold to talk and can speak for hours…

4. I have a friendly nature and who meets me first time, can’t forget the unlimited fun for years may be…

5. I am good singer but unfortunately couldn’t try ever to enter in this field….

6. Last 16th May, I celebrated my 11+16th birthday…….(Bali umar)…lolz

7. I am hardworking, patient, determined and always keep my eyes on the next step….

8. Photography is my passion and I like to capture nature more than humans….

9. I am clever enough to handle any typical situations….(even my enemies do accept this)…..

10. I am a good liar……(proud???)….lolz

11. I have very few and selected friends….

12. Love travelling, making fun, arranging parties, celebrating birthdays… surprises…

13. I give chances to people when they bluff/hurt me but if it happens again and again…I leave them forever….this is the most worst habit of me that I trust people so soon….

14.I always speak the truth with my best friend…with others may be 50 50….

15. I never like hooting or insulting someone…..and if someone do this to me…he comes in the line of fire and my anger….

16. I don’t forgive people that easily….

This is all what I can say about me….because it’s the most difficult thing in the world to write about you……

About jugnoo

I am Jugnoo. Jugnoo means in our local language " an insect who lightens at night" so i think i am not an insect but a person who is trying to spread some light by sharing of knowledge & information through my blog. So this is me "Jugnoo"
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8 Responses to Imran Khan

  1. faisal says:

    hi dear i like your thinking man…..

  2. anees says:


  3. neha khan says:

    u r looking awesome imran g eid mubarak to u n ur family 🙂

  4. Wajid ali says:

    Yr mera dil chta he ke ap se dosti karo ma kese…?

  5. jugnoo says:

    Thx a lot to my sweetoo Anees…love u baby 😀

  6. humaira says:

    Nice ALLAH ap Say Wo Kam lay Jis k leye ap ko Pada kiya h or Ap ko DEEN or duniyan don ki taraki ata keray. kun k asal Kamyabi to Akhrat ki h Dunia Ki Kamyabi to duniya me hi rah jaye gi. best of luck

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